Senryu Tanka #31 Nuclear

Some mushrooms are more poisonous than others, one in particular I’m thinking about! “A world of darknesslife bursts from under the groundyet so transientmushrooming into the airmankind’s nuclear madness” The Two Doctors

Senryu #24 Oneness

A key teaching in Zen Buddhism is that of oneness: how we are not separate from the world around us. “I hear rustling reedsa breath of wind on my faceoneness with the Earth” The Two Doctors Why not try and… Read More ›

Haiku #5 The Heron

Today’s haiku is inspired by a grey heron, completely still, by a stream in a Cotswolds field. Until …… “Perfectly mindful,Eyes focused, a calm stillnessThe grey heron strikes.” The Two Doctors