Haiku #31 England’s small farms

England’s small farms, hundreds of years old, soil hiding Roman and Neolithic artefacts, move with the seasons. “squawking seagulls feedearth crumbles under the ploughthe end of winter” The Two Doctors A morning walk yesterday revealed our farmer’s distain for Swedish… Read More ›

Haiku #27 Winter Canvas

I rarely create monochrome images but a moonlit frozen lake behind our house just cried out for such an approach inspiring this Haiku: “Radiant moonlightpaints glistening ice crystalson Winter’s canvas” The Two Doctors

Haiku #26 Winter Grip

The River Thames passes through and around our Cotswolds village, and several days rain leads to fields and meadows flooding. Nothing new in this, it has happened regularly over the past 36 years. “Shapeshifting waterWind ripples on flooded fieldsWinter’s icy… Read More ›

Haiku # 25 Mindful Ducks?

Can a duck be mindful? It certainly looks like it watching winter migrating ducks on the small lake in the nature reserve behind our house. Focused and purposeful. “Silently glidingWithout thought or distractionBreathe in and breathe out” The Two Doctors