WineArt #7 A Grape Decision

Have you ever stopped to think why Sancerre is only planted with Sauvignon Blanc, or Chablis with Chardonnay, and Pommard and Volnay with only Pinot Noir? And outside France we have Nebbiolo in Piedmont, and Albariño in Rias Baixas. There… Read More ›

WineArt: #3 The Flower of Burgundy

Pommard, the wine and the village, both steeped in history and tradition many centuries into the past during which it has been considered the typical red Burgundy. The vines and lands surrounding this sleepy village formerly belonged to the Dukes… Read More ›

WineArt #2 The Art of Friendship

“In Vino veritas et amicitia” ….. In wine there is truth and friendship ……. is a slightly longer version of that well known quote originating from Zenobio the philosopher from Ancient Greece, and then used slightly differently by Pliny The… Read More ›