Haiku #32 The Bee Orchid

Growing up in a coastal iron ore mining village in mountainous Cumbria had plenty of outdoor “distractions” for a young boy and his closest mates. One of these was to go into places we were specifically told NOT to, especially… Read More ›

Haiku #19 Summer Dreams

Is it still Autumn or is it now Winter? I suppose I should check the media, they’ll tell me if this is abnormal Autumn weather or normal Winter weather won’t they? Will Summer occur ever again, am I allowed to… Read More ›

Haiku #4 Whispers

A warm summer’s day walking through fields of wheat, a sea of brown and green wrapped around two brilliant red poppies. “The breeze is gentle,Wheat sways and softly whispers,Poppies blushing red” The Two Doctors