Haiku #43 The Black Tulip

“The Black Tulip” is a historical novel and a work of Romantic poetry written by Alexandre Dumas, and first published in 1850. It helped to inspire the search in the Netherlands to create a tulip that was actually black and… Read More ›

Haiku #40 Rape!

It’s that time of year again! I’ve just emerged from battling the effects of tree pollen and now I get hit with fields of the yellow stuff! Oh how I hate Rapebreathing polluting pollenfrom bright yellow fields The Two Doctors

Haiku #38 The Clematis

So fragile, the first clematis of Spring dares to emerge despite the risk of late frosts. What do they know? Dazzling white petalsDrink light and warmth from the sunSprings’ first clematis

Haiku #37 The Tulip

Even a single tulip brightens the garden on a cold Spring day, though I have plenty of them in all the borders this one decided to open before the rest: Bright yellow sunburstSupernova daytime starFirst tulip of Spring

Haiku #36 The Crab Apple

More than anything it’s the tight buds of my Malus Evereste crab apple trees appearing and opening that signals the onset of Spring as the first stage of the fruits’ journey. Budding pink and whiteGenetically codedMessages of Spring The Two… Read More ›

Haiku Tanka #30 I hate Spring!

Walking around the local woods yesterday I saw my first Yellowhammer of the year, a sure sign that Spring is almost here. But ….. “A flash of yellowchirps and hops from twig to twiggathering insectswhite hawthorn blossom trembleswhere’s the antihistamine”… Read More ›