Senryu Tanka #31 Nuclear

Some mushrooms are more poisonous than others, one in particular I’m thinking about! “A world of darknesslife bursts from under the groundyet so transientmushrooming into the airmankind’s nuclear madness” The Two Doctors

Haiku # 25 Mindful Ducks?

Can a duck be mindful? It certainly looks like it watching winter migrating ducks on the small lake in the nature reserve behind our house. Focused and purposeful. “Silently glidingWithout thought or distractionBreathe in and breathe out” The Two Doctors

Senryu # 12 Mirror

The River Thames runs through and around our village and provides plenty of opportunity for riverside walks. This spot is about two miles away from our house and is the point at which my walking route heads back home on… Read More ›