Haiku # 24 Winter Sleep

How do you perceive Winter? A dead time or a time of sleep? Do you see beauty in the shape of a bare tree, it’s branch structure, it’s place within the landscape? “Leafless without budsLifeless to the naked eyeWinter’s sleep… Read More ›

Haiku #23 Dead wood.

I love winter, there’s much more to experience ………..the cold wind, migrating birds, the berries on bare trees, and fallen branches. “Green, white, brown and blackMosses lichen and fungusDead wood hosts new life” The Two Doctors

Haiku #20 Winters Moon

A full moon in winter has a different quality to its light compared to other seasons. It wakes me more often but lights my way to the bathroom for the inevitable nightly visit! “A winters full moonLights the landing with… Read More ›

Haiku #14 Mindful Canvas

Landscapes can be a beautiful inspiration at this time of year. Whether you paint, compose music, write stories or create haiku, autumn colours can be your mindful canvas. I saw this a few years back in Cheltenham Pittville Park. Blue… Read More ›

Haiku #13 Ripples

Early morning walks are often rewarded with the sight of a fungus newly emerged and that will almost certainly not be seen tomorrow morning. Where has it gone? Did it just disappear or is it transformed into something else? Whatever… Read More ›

Haiku #12 Ephemeral

Autumn fungi are extremely ephemeral, appearing then disappearing within a few short hours. A perfect example typifying the Buddha’s concept of “impermanence” which can be applied to all forms, feelings, emotions …. Looking at my image there’s a chaotic beauty… Read More ›