Haiku Tanka #33 Calm in Kathmandu

My favourite place, anywhere. The magical, mysterious, energising, spiritual Swayambhu temple and monastery in the Kathmandu Valley. Arriving there as dawn unfolds awakens every sense in me, I feel it now, I connect with it as I write this poem…. Read More ›

Haiku #32 The Bee Orchid

Growing up in a coastal iron ore mining village in mountainous Cumbria had plenty of outdoor “distractions” for a young boy and his closest mates. One of these was to go into places we were specifically told NOT to, especially… Read More ›

Senryu #23 Missing v2

A favourite spot, a few hundred yards from our home, a nature reserve where we played with our children learning about wild flowers, birds, butterflies, trees, insects, fungus ….. but …… Missing 5-7-5 “A peaceful silence,Together, rememberingOne who is missing.”… Read More ›

Senryu #21 At Rest

Mountaineering has been a passion from childhood as I grew up in the Cumbrian fells before “graduating” to the French Alps, the big peaks of the Nepal Himalaya and the frozen waterfalls of La Grave. Ged and Andy were constant… Read More ›