Haiku # 24 Winter Sleep

How do you perceive Winter? A dead time or a time of sleep? Do you see beauty in the shape of a bare tree, it’s branch structure, it’s place within the landscape? “Leafless without budsLifeless to the naked eyeWinter’s sleep… Read More ›

Senryu # 12 Mirror

The River Thames runs through and around our village and provides plenty of opportunity for riverside walks. This spot is about two miles away from our house and is the point at which my walking route heads back home on… Read More ›

Haiku #6 The Tree

The Roman Villa at Chedworth in The Cotswolds was a high status dwelling, clearly seen by mosaic flooring and the extent of bath houses, granaries and hypocausts. One intriguing feature though is this tree, clearly very old, contemplated by Dr… Read More ›

Senryu #5 A life fully lived

Autumn seems early, annual flowers have died, birds have begun migrating and leaves have fallen. Including this one I found lying on some bright green grass after some refreshing rain. The leaf lies fallen,Perfect in form and colour,A life fully… Read More ›

Autumn blanket

A typical sight in our Cotswolds village as cars parked overnight are wrapped in a blanket of leaves before being being driven off to work.

Autumn passage

A few simple images that unquestionably signal Autumn. The berries ripen, the lichen takes on a deeper colour, and the leaves fall. All seen within a few weeks and in streets, gardens and woods everywhere.