Haiku #38 The Clematis

So fragile, the first clematis of Spring dares to emerge despite the risk of late frosts. What do they know? Dazzling white petalsDrink light and warmth from the sunSprings’ first clematis

Haiku #37 The Tulip

Even a single tulip brightens the garden on a cold Spring day, though I have plenty of them in all the borders this one decided to open before the rest: Bright yellow sunburstSupernova daytime starFirst tulip of Spring

Haiku #4 Whispers

A warm summer’s day walking through fields of wheat, a sea of brown and green wrapped around two brilliant red poppies. “The breeze is gentle,Wheat sways and softly whispers,Poppies blushing red” The Two Doctors

A Macro morning walk

True Macro photography is very difficult, it requires firstly a good macro lens that can get really really close to your chosen subject. Often this means getting close to a single petal of a flower, the wings of a bee,… Read More ›