Haiku #26 Winter Grip

The River Thames passes through and around our Cotswolds village, and several days rain leads to fields and meadows flooding. Nothing new in this, it has happened regularly over the past 36 years. “Shapeshifting waterWind ripples on flooded fieldsWinter’s icy… Read More ›

Haiku #18 Seasonal Silence

Living in a Cotswolds village with the River Thames passing through it makes us susceptible to foggy misty mornings at most times of the year. There’s something about mist that deadens sound and can make morning walks quite eerie, especially… Read More ›

Autumn blanket

A typical sight in our Cotswolds village as cars parked overnight are wrapped in a blanket of leaves before being being driven off to work.

A Morning Walk With A Barn Owl

  Early mornings have become prime time for our daily walk together as we ensure social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. At 7.00am there’s usually not another soul in sight and we have been very lucky in recent days with… Read More ›