Buddha Jyanti

Today, in the year 623 BC, a prince named Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini, Nepal. You will know him better as Buddha! Strangely however his birthday is celebrated on different dates in different countries, and at different dates each… Read More ›

Be mindful today #27 The Pause

Most mornings I browse through three Kathmandu newspapers and yesterday, in The Himalayan Times, I came across this wonderful quote about mindfulness. One of the most meaningful I have seen: Mindfulness is a pausethe space between stimulus and responsethat’s where… Read More ›

Haiku Tanka #33 Calm in Kathmandu

My favourite place, anywhere. The magical, mysterious, energising, spiritual Swayambhu temple and monastery in the Kathmandu Valley. Arriving there as dawn unfolds awakens every sense in me, I feel it now, I connect with it as I write this poem…. Read More ›