Haiku #1 Waiting

I began today’s morning walk with the intention of a “nature focus” for my second Haiku. Birds twittering and the crunch of wheat stalks underfoot were the only sounds, but it was the image of crows on the ground, bales… Read More ›

Autumn blanket

A typical sight in our Cotswolds village as cars parked overnight are wrapped in a blanket of leaves before being being driven off to work.

Autumn continues

The leaves are still falling and creating a carpet of gold in woods, fields and streets all over the Cotswolds. It won’t last; decay will claim them, first turning them brown then into a messy sludge acting as a compost… Read More ›

Autumn passage

A few simple images that unquestionably signal Autumn. The berries ripen, the lichen takes on a deeper colour, and the leaves fall. All seen within a few weeks and in streets, gardens and woods everywhere.