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Nepal Schools Aid(uk)
 are offering all of our world class teacher training courses now as online  modules, which will combine into one large programme. Each module is described below with each one comprising a number of course units (lessons) to work through. You can access the FULL programme for FREE.

The course modules were originally designed as classroom based programmes for groups of 12 primary school teachers. They ranged from between 2-6 days duration and were highly participative with many activities, demonstrations and opportunities to practice.
Each module was then followed up with one of our expert Education Tutors working inside each school for 3 months to coach the teachers in implementing the techniques learned.
This means that to gain MAXIMUM benefit from this programme you MUST involve yourself in the activities, try things out and generally take an action learning based approach.
All modules were designed using modern, world class processes and pedagogy techniques known to create quality education and a child centred environment.

So, here are all of the modules comprising the overall programme:

Quality Education & Child Centred Learning

Click on any link to take you to the Module and a list of Units. From the specific Module page you will be able to access the sequence of Units at the end of each previous Unit.

Global ChallengeModule 1:Quality Education-The Global Challenge: The aim of this Module is to introduce you to the elusive concept of quality education, including a range of attempts to define it, the challenge of measuring it, and the even greater challenge of developing it at whole system or single school level. The module contains 11 units.

PsychologyModule 2:Education Psychology: The aim of this Module is to introduce you to a number of concepts and tools of education psychology essential for child centred learning. From child development to classroom management, psychology answers some meaningful questions for teachers.


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