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From 2007 to 2016 we founded and managed the UK Charity, Nepal Schools Aid. Our organisation in Nepal was totally focused on developing the whole education system and to pursue this we created an NGO (Nepal Education Leadership Foundation), trained 2000 teachers from 200 schools in Kathmandu, worked with 4 colleges on community development programmes, sponsored MPhil research into defining/measuring/developing the concept of Quality Education, and launched an online learning resource for global use into Quality Education in schools. From this activity we wrote several academic but highly practical papers which are shown below.

Online Learning Modules

We also developed a series of online learning modules designed to help teachers, teacher trainers and educationalists understand the global challenge facing education systems in developing countries and you can access them by clicking to enter here Quality Education Global

Research Articles & Materials

If you would like any copies of articles mentioned below please contact us using the form from the Contact page on this website:

Three posts on our 10 years in Nepal begin here, but do read the full series of three articles on our blog page The Emperor’s New Clothes and Nepal Ministry of Education 

Nepal's failing education system

Nepal’s failing education system

  1. Quality Education Series
  1. “Quality Education:Changing a whole system” using many principles and processes of organisation psychology.
  2. “Quality Education:Its all in the mind” as we develop a perception test to objectively measure education quality.
  3. “Quality Education:A strategic framework” for defining, measuring and developing quality education in whole systems.
  4. “V4C, Values For Children” brings the moral dimension into schools.
  5. “Create A Learning Organisation” shows how a high value team can be developed.

2. Education Leadership Series

  1. “The Basics” Exploring the practical differences between leadership and management
  2. “Vision” Giving direction to your leadership with a road map
  3. “Values” Inspiring your team through being the ethical role model
  4. “Development” Being change oriented and having an improvement mindset
  5. “Governance” Ensuring standards are maintained


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