Senryu #16 Dark Age v.2

There is a great deal of science today that is being suppressed because certain facts don’t fit the narrative of other academics, students, activists and various interest groups. It was challenge, debate and rigorous peer review that accelerated the science… Read More ›

Senryu #15 The Media

Our mainstream media seem to have found a way to stop us accusing them of fake news. They don’t report the news any more, just their opinions of it! Opinions for factsDeflect our attentionAway from the truth The Two Doctors

Senryu #14 Hypocrisy

They’re a bloody nuisance with their criminal activity while our “wonderful police” hold us back from “dealing with the problem”! Stop The Oil they shoutBlocking the traffic each dayThen drive home in cars The Two Doctors

Senryu # 12 Mirror

The River Thames runs through and around our village and provides plenty of opportunity for riverside walks. This spot is about two miles away from our house and is the point at which my walking route heads back home on… Read More ›

Senryu # 11 The Gas Bill!

It’s becoming more and more weird what triggers a haiku, I just happened to be sitting peacefully with my cup of Matcha-Sencha green tea, looking out the window watching the clouds moving across the sky when our energy bill from… Read More ›