Senryu #23 Missing v2

A favourite spot, a few hundred yards from our home, a nature reserve where we played with our children learning about wild flowers, birds, butterflies, trees, insects, fungus ….. but …… Missing 5-7-5 “A peaceful silence,Together, rememberingOne who is missing.”… Read More ›

Senryu #22 Time’s Up

My previous Senryu was based on my memories of my two closest mountaineering mates, now peacefully “At Rest”. This led me into more photo memories of my son in law, Michael, a very good climber who accompanied me on several… Read More ›

Senryu #20 Grasping with hope

Setting annual goals is fine as long as one does not become so driven for achievement that daily life become obsessive towards them. “Goals for the futureGrasping with hope and desireForgetting the “now”” The Two Doctors Senryu written for Tanka… Read More ›

Senryu #18 Lying Politicians

Why should we continue to vote for politicians who promise much and deliver nothing! “Tick a box todayAttracted by promises.Fool me once, you lose!” The Two Doctors The political turmoil in the U.K. is unmatched anywhere at present. The only… Read More ›