Haiku #4 Whispers

A warm summer’s day walking through fields of wheat, a sea of brown and green wrapped around two brilliant red poppies. “The breeze is gentle,Wheat sways and softly whispers,Poppies blushing red” The Two Doctors

Haiku #3 War

Another morning walk, quite cool after a little unexpected rain. I’d just entered the first field when I heard the distinctive sound of B52 bombers warming up at the nearby airbase about 3 miles away. Unmistakable. Then, really out of… Read More ›

Haiku #2 Betamax

A photo memory of walking on Dungeness beach a few years back inspires todays Haiku. Decay everywhere, boats, sheds, tracks and nets, nothing lasts, a whole industry destroyed by political and corporate greed. “The smell of the sea,Torn nets hanging… Read More ›

Haiku #1 Waiting

I began today’s morning walk with the intention of a “nature focus” for my second Haiku. Birds twittering and the crunch of wheat stalks underfoot were the only sounds, but it was the image of crows on the ground, bales… Read More ›