Haiku #26 Winter Grip

The River Thames passes through and around our Cotswolds village, and several days rain leads to fields and meadows flooding. Nothing new in this, it has happened regularly over the past 36 years. “Shapeshifting waterWind ripples on flooded fieldsWinter’s icy… Read More ›

Haiku # 25 Mindful Ducks?

Can a duck be mindful? It certainly looks like it watching winter migrating ducks on the small lake in the nature reserve behind our house. Focused and purposeful. “Silently glidingWithout thought or distractionBreathe in and breathe out” The Two Doctors

Haiku # 24 Winter Sleep

How do you perceive Winter? A dead time or a time of sleep? Do you see beauty in the shape of a bare tree, it’s branch structure, it’s place within the landscape? “Leafless without budsLifeless to the naked eyeWinter’s sleep… Read More ›

Haiku #23 Dead wood.

I love winter, there’s much more to experience ………..the cold wind, migrating birds, the berries on bare trees, and fallen branches. “Green, white, brown and blackMosses lichen and fungusDead wood hosts new life” The Two Doctors

Senryu #21 At Rest

Mountaineering has been a passion from childhood as I grew up in the Cumbrian fells before “graduating” to the French Alps, the big peaks of the Nepal Himalaya and the frozen waterfalls of La Grave. Ged and Andy were constant… Read More ›