Haiku #13 The Heron

Today’s haiku is inspired by a grey heron, completely still, by a stream in a Cotswolds field. Until …… “Perfectly mindful, Eyes focused, a calm stillness The grey heron strikes.” The Two Doctors

Haiku #12 Breathe!

I offer todays Haiku inspired by the late Thich Nhat Hanh. The simplicity of his teaching has been a source of much inspiration to us in recent years, especially during Covid “times”. I hope you like it.

Haiku #11 Remember

Todays Haiku is really a continuation of my thoughts from yesterday as I walked along Chester’s old industrial area. Although we once lived in Chester my immediate ancestors and beyond lived and worked in the tin mines of Cornwall, the… Read More ›

Haiku #10 Wistful Ghosts

A few days ago we took a short break in the ancient city of Chester with its Roman and Medieval architecture and history. However few tourists know of the city’s heritage from the Industrial Revolution with thriving cotton mills and… Read More ›

Haiku #9 Cracked Earth

My recent morning walks have been most enjoyable for a number of reasons, clear skies, warm temperatures, and bumping into neighbours and friends walking their dogs. But the best reason, soon to disappear, is the carpet of wheat stalks and… Read More ›