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  • Haiku #15 Stranded

    My early morning walk today took me into the small nature reserve behind our house. There’s a large lake in the centre, tightly surrounded by a tangle of beech trees with a path that circles the perimeter. Today’s haiku came… Read More ›

  • Be Mindful Today: #3 Equanimity

    “Mindfulness is deliberately paying full attention to what is happening around you, in your body, heart, and mind. Mindfulness is awareness without criticism or judgment. This is the Buddhist concept of equanimity and is the grounding for wisdom” The Two… Read More ›

  • Haiku #14 The Tree

    The Roman Villa at Chedworth in The Cotswolds was a high status dwelling, clearly seen by mosaic flooring and the extent of bath houses, granaries and hypocausts. One intriguing feature though is this tree, clearly very old, contemplated by Dr… Read More ›

  • Be Mindful Today: #2 Psychology of Awakening

    We’re born with this incredible instrument called a mind, which can tune in heaven and hell and everything in between, but no one ever gives us operating instructions on how to use it or what to do with it. Meditation… Read More ›

  • Be Mindful Today: #1 Cultivate

    “Everyone knows that training makes our body stronger, fitter and more flexible. Now, neuroscience research shows that mindfulness training cultivates the innate capacities of the mind to be present, to step out of automatic pilot and to create space so… Read More ›

  • Haiku #13 The Heron

    Today’s haiku is inspired by a grey heron, completely still, by a stream in a Cotswolds field. Until …… “Perfectly mindful, Eyes focused, a calm stillness The grey heron strikes.” The Two Doctors