Haiku #41 The drag of time

Time and impermanence have been two of my “bedfellows”, not in an obsessive way, but since becoming a Buddhist 25 years ago. However my post today isn’t about Buddhism, it is inspired by a link in Dwight Roth’s blog taking me to dVerse, with a post from contributor Mish Beauchamp.

Michelle supplied us with a number of surrealist images created by Erik Johansson as possible “inspiration” for a poem of any format and I decided on this one:

Give Me Time, Erik Johansson,

Young time is slow time
A drag between every tick
I raged against it
Now in old age time races
I smile with calm acceptance

The Two Doctors

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  1. Isn’t it strange but so true 🙌

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  2. That sounds like the words of wisdom, Dr. B!

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  3. So true. The way we perceive time changes as we get older.

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  4. I enjoyed this very much and it resonates!

    Dr. B, I wanted to clarify that dVerse Poets is not my personal blog. I am one of the hosts on the dVerse team that provides prompts. My personal blog is at mishunderstood.wordpress.com

    So happy that you have joined in with us and hope you continue to participate at our virtual poetry pub. 🙂

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