Haiku #40 Rape!

It’s that time of year again! I’ve just emerged from battling the effects of tree pollen and now I get hit with fields of the yellow stuff!

Oh how I hate Rape
breathing polluting pollen
from bright yellow fields

The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors

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  1. An interesting twist on the word. I have seen the rape fields in Western Alberta. There are lots of flowers giving off pollen for sure!

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  2. Oh, I love your rant at rapeseed haiku. The yellow fields are beautiful to look at for those free from allergies. For others, they are pure torture and you expressed it so well.

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  3. Canola blooming already? Farmers haven’t even started seeding here yet. Sorry to learn that something so spectacular causes you so much discomfort.

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  4. I don’t like it either, but you win the battle of the springtide hatreds. I’m stoked for green, green buds though.

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