Haiku #39 The Coronation

The coronation of King Charles III taking place this weekend will be a global affair with every tv station focusing on it. The history of such a ceremony going back to King Edgar in 973AD will be grovelled over ad nauseum.

The Queen, 1952

But little will be mentioned of the disquiet felt across our nation of Charles’ involvement in politics, his adding different faith’s involvement in the ceremony, attempting to change some of the wording around his primary role of being “Defender of THE faith” and “inviting” every U.K. citizen to swear allegiance to himself, something his mother NEVER did. And so …………

Duty and service
Elizabeth was my Queen
Charles is not my king

The Two Doctors

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  1. As the Buddha said, each of us must become our own teacher. Thank you, for role-modeling for us, Dr. B.

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  1. Haiku #39 The Coronation – Glyn Hnutu-healh: History, Alchemy, and Me

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