Haiku #35 Old Times Happy Days

Do “the good old days” actually exist? Were our lives 30, 40, 50 years ago better? Well, I guess it depends what measure you use; healthcare, nutrition, transport ….. all better today certainly. But then as a child I had greater freedom to roam which I wrote about in a previous haiku. However looking back, our home facilities were extremely basic for washing, bathing, toilet ……… So, does any of this ring a bell?

Squares of newspaper
In outdoor lavatory
Bath in a tin tub

No central heating
Dolly tub and dolly legs
Washboard and mangle

Childhood memories
Emotional attachment
Fading synapses

For those of you baffled by some of the items in my poem here’s a few images to help:

Dolly Tub
Dolly Legs
Tin Bath Tub

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  1. Had only never heardo Dolly legs 😊 Maggie

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  2. I can relate to the newspaper in the outhouse, but we did have central heating and a claw-foot bathtub for our once a week bath. But most of all, I remember the freedom of growing up on a farm where I also learned responsibilities. I wouldn’t want any other childhood.

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  3. Cool to see these old items. What were the Dolly legs used for?

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  4. Good reminders, Dr. B! Many things have improved during our lifetimes. Happy Spring!

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