Senryu #34 Cosmic Buddha

Boudhanath, another of my favourite temple areas in Kathmandu, a place where all the senses are stimulated:

Boudhanath, Kathmandu

Monks chanting sutra
prayer wheels spin incense rises
tourist cameras flash
cosmic site


The Two Doctors

Boudhanath is one of Nepal’s great Buddhist temple complexes. Initially built on a significant trade route between Tibet and Nepal it dates from around AD 400 and has been a place of rest and devotion for Tibetans since that time. More recently, since the 1950s, the area has become a place of refuge for Tibetans who help considerably to maintain and develop the complex.

It is as much a “tourist magnet” as Swayambhu (the Monkey Temple) though without the 300+ steps to reach it! Selfies abound!

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  1. So true, that a cacaphony of sight and sound can distract you from the essence of a place.

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