Haiku #31 England’s small farms

England’s small farms, hundreds of years old, soil hiding Roman and Neolithic artefacts, move with the seasons.

Nearby arable fields

squawking seagulls feed
earth crumbles under the plough
the end of winter”

The Two Doctors

A morning walk yesterday revealed our farmer’s distain for Swedish teenagers!

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  1. Great photo that evoked a smile and memories of childhood — we, too, have gulls following the cultivator/seeder, hoping to score some grubs. No Roman antiquities, however, but occasionally an ancient spear head.

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    • We are surrounded by the stuff, I walk across these fields every week and am always stopping to look at bits of stone, pot and glass. Most of it Victorian however.


  2. Loved this post, including the farmer with a disdain for Swedish teenagers! And the digging up of farmland clearly indicates the end of winter. Who knows what’s lurking underneath?

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    • Thank you so much for your comment, as for “what’s lurking underneath “ it will, as usual be Roman pottery and flint axe shards from Neolithic times. Ho hum, nothing unusual 😂. As for Swedish teenagers they need to be grateful for the climate change: real or imagined, from earlier times. No pain no gain!

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