Senryu #32:The World’s Gone Mad

My Senryu today needs little or no introduction.

“Prices and taxation must go in this direction”

Phone network is down
Rocketing energy bills
Rising taxation
Woke-plant-based-net-zero crap
Who is orchestrating this

The Two Doctors
“Our goal is total domination”

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  1. A frightening direction headed by self-serving morons, IMHO.

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  2. Hi, Dr. B. Alas, the nearly 8 billion world population, appears to have exceeded overshoot limits (i.e., demand in excess of regeneration.) Not sure it matters anymore who is “orchestrating” wokism. I do, however, take some comfort in Sister Chan Khong’s afterword in the book Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet by Thich Nhat Hanh et al (c) 2021.

    “Whenever you receive devastating news, or witness injustice, or feel helpless and full of despair, please remember first to come back to your mindful in-breath and out-breath. Don’t do anything or say anything until you have touched that calm, that peace, that love. … you can take action to protect the planet and protect each other. Together, you can do it. Do not be a lone warrior. Find your allies and build community wherever you are. Mother Earth and our spiritual ancestors and land ancestors are counting on you.” p.305



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