Senryu #24 Oneness

A key teaching in Zen Buddhism is that of oneness: how we are not separate from the world around us.


I hear rustling reeds
a breath of wind on my face
oneness with the Earth”

The Two Doctors

Why not try and connect with this concept, find a spot outside to sit – in a park, your garden, on the beach ….. Close your eyes and listen to any sounds, feeling the air on your skin and the ground beneath you.

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  1. You know what’s funny, and maybe not in a Ha Ha way, but that kind of mindfulness was native to (I’m guessing everywhere but definitely) North-Western Europe prior to the slow rationalisation of post-Reformation Xtianity. So I guess it’s no wonder why Buddhism is so powerful today.

    In modern Asatru we have Utiseta, literally sitting out, which used to be more of a pilgrimage. There’s the Gundestrop Cauldron depicting Herne or Cernunnos doing something like Buddhaseta. Anyways. I’m off my soapbox.

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  2. This one is very special. Thanks!

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