Haiku # 24 Winter Sleep

How do you perceive Winter? A dead time or a time of sleep? Do you see beauty in the shape of a bare tree, it’s branch structure, it’s place within the landscape?

Winter Sleep

Leafless without buds
Lifeless to the naked eye
Winter’s sleep till Spring”

The Two Doctors

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  1. Winter can be both brutal and beautiful — as a prairie person, I know. I focus on the beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful, more spectacular than a morning when everything is covered with hoar frost, when the sky is brilliant blue, and the sun is surrounded by a halo and sun dogs. Mind you, it is also -40 but ignore that and focus on the beauty.

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    • I know exactly what you mean Margaret, on the one hand English winters can be very drab with rain, wind, and bleakness. But on the other hand go into the mountain areas of Nepal and the opposite is true.


  2. I see winter as a time of rest. Recuperation. Gathering strength for new beginnings.

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