Haiku #23 Dead wood.

I love winter, there’s much more to experience ………..the cold wind, migrating birds, the berries on bare trees, and fallen branches.

Dead Wood

“Green, white, brown and black
Mosses lichen and fungus
Dead wood hosts new life”

The Two Doctors

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  1. Beautiful haiku. I’m a big fan of moss and lichen. BTW: You’ve got two ‘and’ in the second line, clearly just a typo. Just wanted you to know.

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  2. Beautiful photo with mosses, lichen, and fungi, and your elegant poem reveals how ephemeral life is, with a diversity of life forms growing on a dead branch soon to be decomposed. In winter we get a chance to see much of the interactions that are hidden behind the leaves of spring, summer, and fall. Beautiful post!

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  3. Thank you, Dr. B. Your beautiful haiku reminds me of a beautiful song called “Wood Hath Hope” which is described as “a folk-style hymn about hope and resurrection. It was written by American Roman Catholic priest, liturgist, composer and member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) John Foley SJ (b 1939). It is based on a poem by English Roman Catholic ecclesiastical artist, mystic, popular religious writer and poet Caryll Houselander (901 – 12 October 1954) – which in turn is based on the book of Job 14.7-16.”

    If you’d like to hear it or read the lyrics and poem, here’s a link: https://www.godsongs.net/2020/04/wood-hath-hope-when-its-cut-we-would-have-hope.html

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    • Thanks Patrick I’m trying really hard at present to learn a lot more about syllabic poetry…… reading books, following new blogs, trying challenges ….. 👍🧐

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  4. This is a good one 🙂

    BTW, when the haiku is signed with “The Two Doctors” does that mean that both of you wrote it together?



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