Senryu #22 Time’s Up

My previous Senryu was based on my memories of my two closest mountaineering mates, now peacefully “At Rest”. This led me into more photo memories of my son in law, Michael, a very good climber who accompanied me on several Alpine and Himalayan trips. Here is a poem on what I believe was our final Alpine peak together, the end of which made me realise it was time to “call it quits”.

Ulrichshorn Summit at dawn

“New summit new dawn
Breathe in, time to pause, breathe out
Sunset approaching”

The Two Doctors
Post descent, knackered!

Both photos above tell the story of climbing The Ulrichshorn at 12,874ft, though the ones below highlight the final part of the peak we are standing on at dawn having set out at 3am from the Mischabel Hut in Switzerland.

Mischabel Hut

Ulrichshorn approach

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  1. Beautiful and poignant, Dr. B. Thank you for sharing your memories.

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