Haiku #22 Winter Warmer

Is there anything to beat the aroma of a homemade soup, especially if you have childhood memories of a particular favourite.

“Steam and bubbles rise
Familiar smells inhaled
Winter warming thoughts”

The Two Doctors

We were poor, no doubt about it. But only in a monetary sense as far as I recall, and yet somehow my mother fed us more than adequately for a whole week from my ironworker dad’s pay packet. Winter Saturdays were good days for a 10 year old boy who came home covered in mud from playing football for his school. The old tin bath was filled from a gas boiler, the hot water soon turning black as I splashed, rubbed and scrubbed myself free of the black sticky mud on my legs and face. Slowly but surely I warmed up and realised how hungry I was, the toast and a boiled egg of a few hours ago nothing more than a distant memory! Time to get out and follow the smell of my favourite dinner (lunch as we now call it!), a large bowl of soup with lots of bread, then a plate of boiled potatoes with a few pieces of soft ham bones. Utter bliss!

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  1. Soup! Wonderful soup! Our old GE stove had a rear element that you could twist and drop down to insert the GE-made soup pot. Mom would get the soup going first thing in the morning and the smell of it simmering all day near drove me crazy with hunger. That combined with freshly made bread — Ambrosia!


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    • Ambrosia indeed, never to be experienced by todays youth! My mum cooked out of a “Witches Cauldron” over a fire which also kept an oven warm all day. My dad loved bloaters which he would grill over the fire, fish oil dripping onto the fire. Sizzling and more smells. My daughter has worked for GE for 26 years as a psychologist, just resigned and starts with a new company next week. A massive company today compared to the original General Electric.


  2. Beautifully penned My Friend. Such memories! Those were the days.

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