Haiku #21 Winter Spice

Do you know the original name for mulled wine? Mulled wine has to be one of the most common winter drinks, especially at Christmas, and double especially at Christmas markets across Europe. Also known as Gluhwein in Germany and Glogg in Denmark. However you may not know that this spiced drink dates back over 2000 years to Roman Times where, across the Empire, it was known as …….. Conditum Paradoxum. (Lit. Marvellous spiced).

Winter Spice

“Cloves and cinnamon
For Conditum paradoxum
Winter’s gift of warmth”

The Two Doctors

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  1. I love that old latin name for mulled wine. Perfect!

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  2. I’ve got guests and best pay attention their but couldn’t resist a peek at your Haiku.

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  1. Glühwein / Mulled Wine – Notizen 2021
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