Haiku #17 Winter Checklist

Cold winters were “nothing” to my parents, they knew how to live with the rhythms of the planet.

Thick clothes and hot tea
Homemade soups and warming stews
Mum’s Winter checklist”

The Two Doctors

In the past few days I’ve thought quite a lot about my dear old mum who died 10 years ago at the grand old age of 91. Living in a house with no indoor toilet, a single gas ring, electricity but no central heating, and a coal (!) burning fire for heating, I’m sure she would be saying today to those melting snowflakes, “What’s the problem, get a bloody grip!”.

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  1. A perfect Haiku. Your mum sounds amazing. Yes, our parents would be wondering what we are complaining about.

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    • “Perfect?” Wow, thanks Darlene 🙏 My mum was amazing, but often it’s only late reflection that makes us realise it. That generation were so tough yet they are blamed for so much by many who know so little!

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