Haiku #16 The Winter Decision

Awakening a couple of weeks ago to a blanket of snow everywhere prompted a very significant question rattling around the U.K. as a cold spell of -11 degrees Centigrade hit us. A very stark question for low income families as our energy bills rocketed as the cost per unit more than doubled! My Haiku reflects the desperation of many families.

The dawn snow reveals
A stark winter decision
“Should we eat or heat”?

The Two Doctors

The whole of the British parliament and Civil Service is to blame for this mess! All the way back to Tony Bliar with their policies and actions on energy that are slowly ruining this country. Fracking, North Sea Oil expansion, further nuclear …. all howled down to slavishly submit to a catastrophic global agenda.

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  1. When tears become icicles … when metaphors become reality …

    I wish you warmth and recovery in these hard times, my friend.

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