Senryu #14 Hypocrisy

They’re a bloody nuisance with their criminal activity while our “wonderful police” hold us back from “dealing with the problem”!

Stop The Oil they shout
Blocking the traffic each day
Then drive home in cars

The Two Doctors

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  1. It’s crazy to me the crossed wires a lot of these folks have. We have it here, to a lesser extent, with your Al Gores flying around in jets and driving jeeps and your Bidens recommending we all “just buy a smart car.” I’m all for environmental stewardship, but it’s foolish to believe the elites can build an economy with such high failure points and then demand everyone sink the capital to reinvent the wheel while they don’t have to sweat the small stuff, or the big stuff, or even worry about the backsides over the sound of crowdfunded security teams to protect them from their overwhelming hubris.

    Bummer rant over. Carry on, and cheers from New England.

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    • Thank you for your most considerate comment, I think a lot of folks are “afraid” to comment on this issue for fear of censorship or abuse! You mention Gore and Biden, let’s add saint Greta too who gets a mention in a subsequent haiku. What really bugs me with these clowns is that they have no sense of priority in that the U.K. is responsible for a small fraction of emissions compared to China India and the US. They have manipulated the decisions on fracking, North Sea oil and new nuclear plants when they should have been locked up instead. They are welcome to their views and ability to speak out, but their actions are illegal and should be treated accordingly. I’m thinking of blocking our village traffic as a protest against the protestors, just as they do. I’m willing to bet I’d be dragged off within 10mins.

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      • I understand censorship is a bit harder in the U.K., so here I can and so complain. It’s just nobody listens. Recently in Maine, the social justice police have brought the hammer down on the lobstermen who account for one of Maine’s few viable economies, others being potatoes and blueberries. And moxie, I guess.

        I’m guessing Tunberg is a woman now, but to frank. I hold her parents more responsible, in that I don’t think a girl child would have gotten so far without media handlers and guardians willing to sell. Which I think makes the whole thing worse, exploiting children for political clout. In America they do this with every case you see.

        Anyway. If you do do a counterprotest, make sure to use the smallest, least negotiable words possible. I’ve been to some protests and the problem is always (people like me) using long, convoluted points of logic that are immediately lost in translation. But seriously, good luck. I know a lot of folk think civil, legal disobedience is a waste of manoeuvring, but I think it’s a noble tradition that shouldn’t be lost. Still. Be careful, I guess. As much as anyone with a conscience can be.

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      • Thanks again 🙏. I think, and predict, a significant political revolution in the U.K. within 2 years. Peaceful, then violent. It’s inevitable because we are now three cultures that cannot agree on anything! 🕉

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      • I can only wish you lot the best. In our current governance, what happens happens everywhere. Needless to say, I hope for peaceful change, but the many divergent conflicts of interest make that unlikely.

        I have a special heart in my place for Britain. My ancestors came from there, and I’ve always wanted to see it, but it sounds increasingly like the governments seek to ensure there’s nothing to see. Sic semper, I guess.

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  2. Not to mention, they fly to exotic locations to bemoan how the use of fossil fuels is ruining the planet.

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  3. Ah, yes, we are all hypocrites in other’s eyes. Thank you for this clever and poignant reminder, Dr. B.

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