Festival of Light: Day 5 Brother & Sister Worship

Today is brothers day in Nepal which is the literal meaning of Kija Puja in the Newar language. However it has the wider meaning of brothers AND sisters day with each “sides” ceremonials being conducted at different times.Usually early in the day, brothers will visit their sister’s home and receive a blessing and food from the sister. They will then invite the sister back to their home for a meal and receipt of a substantial gift, which might be jewellery or a special silk saree or some pashmina.

My Sister in Law, Bimala, performs the blessing for her two brothers.

“Legend holds that when the Kirati King Bali Hang fell mortally ill, his sister Jamuna looked after him and guarded him. When Yamaraj, the God of Death, came for Bali Hang’s soul, Jamuna pleaded for him to wait until she had finished performing a religious blessing for her brother. She then conducted a long and elaborate ceremony for her brother, and performed the same for Yamaraj. She also put forth some conditions: that Yamaraj should not take Bali Hang until the tika, which she had smeared on his forehead, fades away; until the water sprinkled on her brother dries; and until the makhmali flowers wilt. For many months Yamaraj sent his messengers to inspect the flowers, and when the next Kija Puja arrived Yamaraj admitted that he had lost Bali Hang’s soul to his pious sister and granted him long life.”

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