Haiku #9 Blackthorn

Another sign of Autumn is the appearance of the blue-purple berries of the Blackthorn, and luckily we have several only a few minutes walk from our house. Now is the time to think of “sloe gin”, that warming drink on Christmas Eve. Pick today, wash, freeze for a couple of days, place in a 1.5 lite jar, add gin. Only add sugar syrup to taste after straining a few days before Christmas.

Picking the sloes is either boring or meditative. Thankfully a haiku creation prevented the boredom!

“Purple sloe berries
packed in jars with added gin.
My Christmas tonic.”

The Two Doctors

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  1. Hi, Dr. B. Berry-picking is never boring! In my experience, it’s always a communal activity, working side by side with family or friends, chatting while harvesting nature’s bounty. But even better, it holds promises of bags of jewels in the freezer waiting to be transformed into pies, jams and whatever else you might imagine. Enjoy your sloe gin!

    Margaret P.S. For some reason, your The Two Doctors blog won’t let me post my comment there. Guess I’m not holding my nose the right way, or something.

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    • You’ve confused me Margaret! You said my Two Doctors blog won’t let you comment …. but I’m reading your comment and replying to it from my Two Doctors blog🙄🙄🤔🤔


  2. A merry libation, indeed! Cheers.

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