Elizabeth; Queen and symbolic metaphor.

Our queen has died and an air of gloom and sadness has descended over the United Kingdom. The few hours before the announcement of her death were thick with dreaded anticipation, the whole country held its breath, we flicked from one news channel to another. And then it came, and for a moment the earth seemed to stop turning, our longest serving monarch has left us.

But the planet resumes its journey, and across its surface the tsunami of tributes reaches the shores of this tiny island, resonating with one word that will forever be used in every description written and spoken of Queen Elizabeth II.


“Queen Elizabeth II was a proud Briton. Unapologetic for what she represented, which was a steadfast nation of hope, justice, enlightenment, discovery, thought, duty and fairness. With her tragic passing, this has been lost. Perhaps I exaggerate? After all, many wish to continue this legacy. Alas! They are few in number.”

Jake Welch, Salisbury Review 09.09.22

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  1. RIP Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The energy does feel heavy and somber 😦
    Her portraits are seen everywhere. Monday, 19 September 2022, will be extremely quiet.

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    • Thank you, looking at his face our new king must be exhausted, as we all are. However just look at the organisation, the timing, the brilliance of the military. If you want to watch I suggest you do it on GB News channel, proper historians on there explaining every move, every costume, every badge …. We do it well!

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      • I love this country!! He is most certainly exhausted. All that pressure simultaneously, but his mama prepared him for this role, right ….

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      • She sure did. The vast majority of us love our country too, though increasingly it’s a 0.00x% who don’t and yet make the most noise negatively. But, the comment of President Macron struck a chord with me when he said “ Elizabeth was not our queen, she was THE queen”! I like that.


  2. May Her Royal Majesty Rest In Peace

    Yours sincerely,

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