Buddha’s words; Chapter 7 The Enlightened

The Dhammapada, chapter 7, recreates Buddha’s words telling us how to recognise an enlightened person and describes a number of features of enlightenment generally. This is important because it sets the goal, lays down the template and shows us what we are striving to achieve by following the Buddha’s teaching, the Dhamma. Strangely it seems to be a more difficult chapter to summarise its 10 verses, but here goes.

“For the enlightened the long journey is over.

They have overcome the three causes of suffering ………….greed, aversion and delusion.

They are at peace, with a calmness seen and heard in their speech and actions and in their mind.”

Personal Interpretation, The Dhammapada, Chapter 7

If you’re wondering about the featured image for this post, swans are symbols of a liberated spirit in India and therefore quite pertinent to achieving enlightenment. In fact various translations of verse 91 often make reference to swans!

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  1. Thank you, Dr B. The swan reminder is especially helpful. Once we overcome the “ugly duckling” ego and accept our true (interbeing) self it is much easier to pause, breathe and smile. _/\_

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