Haiku #3 War

Another morning walk, quite cool after a little unexpected rain. I’d just entered the first field when I heard the distinctive sound of B52 bombers warming up at the nearby airbase about 3 miles away. Unmistakable. Then, really out of the blue a V shaped gaggle of about 20 Canada Geese flew directly over me heading towards the airbase and I stood mesmerised for a few minutes. This Haiku popped into my head, does it make sense to anyone?

“Honking and squawking
The V of geese flying south.
Metaphors of war.”

The Two Doctors

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  1. Great metaphors, Dr B. How instinctively we follow our leaders regardless of how fatal the results might be. 😦

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  2. Perfect! What one can do wth so few words is amazing.

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