Haiku #1 Waiting

I began today’s morning walk with the intention of a “nature focus” for my second Haiku. Birds twittering and the crunch of wheat stalks underfoot were the only sounds, but it was the image of crows on the ground, bales of straw, and clouds that inspired todays Haiku followed by the thought that everyone believes that the harvest is earlier this year. It isn’t! The photo above was taken in the same place, only one week later ……. in 2016!

Crows pecking the chaff,
Bales watching clouds paint the sky,
Waiting for Autumn”

The Two Doctors

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  1. Missing the essence of the Haiku often comes from paying attention to syllable count above the word. You have immersed yourself in Nature and composed using the soul of each utterance. That is why it is so powerful. Haiku is of the heart not the head. M.

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    • I’m trying really hard to combine head AND heart, once again your encouragement is most welcome and inspiring too. I’ve missed you as I tried out my new blog, hopefully I’m “home” now🕉

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  2. You are very good at this. I am so impressed. The hay field could have been on my dad’s farm in Canada.

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  3. Good morning Dr B So uplifting to read your words.

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