Travel memories #3.2 Europe, Prague

We flew from Budapest to Prague to meet up with our daughter and her husband for a long weekend. We were booked into the classy BuddhaBar Hotel, and it didn’t disappoint. But ….. I’m really thankful I’d heard of Alphonse Mucha! That evening I wished I’d heard of Prague being the capital of hen and stag parties!

After a great evening meal in the hotel restaurant with all of the classic BuddhaBar music in the background I had a good nights sleep and got up early for a pre breakfast walk. The streets were deserted and I made my way to the famous Astronomical Clock that I knew would be mobbed later in the day. Talk about lucky, when I arrived there were only three people on the pavement in front of this iconic clock; I’ll let the photos I took tell the story, but it was clearly a “photoshoot” going on for a young woman posing in her wedding dress.

By mid day the streets were packed with tourists, many of whom were in groups for male stag parties or female hen parties. Hardly a space in a cafe, a very long queue to cross the Charles Bridge and get anywhere near the castle! We decided to find a taxi and be taken to the recently organised Alphonse Mucha exhibition of his 20 gigantic paintings describing The Slav Epic.

If you haven’t heard of Alphonse Mucha previously, you may be familiar instead with some of his Art Nouveau works in the advertising world, especially for champagnes and the actress Sarah Bernhardt. There is a dedicated museum to Mucha in Prague featuring his art nouveau work.

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  1. Yes, I remember, this was the reason. Thank You for the hint.


  2. I think Mucha was shunned and kept secret during the communist era. Back in the 1970s, I didn’t see a single picture of him on display. He didn’t fit into the political picture. (Translated bis Google)

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  3. I have yet to visit Prague but it looks wonderful. (minus the stag/hen parties) What a coincidence that you featured a bride in a photoshoot as well.

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