Travel memories #3.1 Europe, Budapest

We have been to Budapest a few times, including Christmas 2017, but our first visit was in 2016. It’s a beautiful city with the Danube running through its heart dividing the place into two “entities”, Buda and Pest. Clean, historic, cultured, great architecture and lovely people are the first words I would use to describe it. Having suffered under the boot of communism for so long these people know how to respect democracy, freedom, family values and their overall culture. I saw no graffiti, litter or homeless people on the streets ….. anywhere across the city. Centrally, your eyes will always be drawn to the Danube and it’s bridges, Buda Castle on one side and the Parliament building on the other,

My daughter and I walk into the light!

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  1. We loved Budapest when we visited in 2012.

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  2. If you didn’t see any graffiti you couldn’t have walked all over Budapest, it’s everywhere.

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  3. Budapest is on my top 10 list of cities I want to visit…

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