Travel memories #2.2 USA Durango

Still on our 3 weeks across America rail trip and a couple of days I was really looking forward to ……. Something that seemed to be a real part of America’s past and culture ……… a wild steam train ride from the town of Durango! Wasn’t there someone called the “Durango Kid”? I’m sure I used to see a short film each week as a child when we went to the cinema on Saturday mornings. Anyway, this train ride along a narrow valley, twists and turns, at times it seemed like the train wouldn’t pass between the rocks on either side.

This was yet another adventure on our three weeks long rail trip across USA in 2017.

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  1. I can’t rcall the Durango Kid, but that wouldn’t stop me from enjoying such a train ride…

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  2. Yes, I remember the Durango Kid. And hasn’t there been a movie recently call “Durango”? Lovely old engine.

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  3. Yup, there was a series called The Durango Kid.

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  4. I agree — that is a spectacular route! We drove (towing our 35′ trailer!) the “Million Dollar Highway” north from Durango through Silverton and Ouray — wonderful scenery, breath-taking drop-offs and curves, and really high (11,000+ feet) passes. An adventure we will never forget.

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    • Good for you, our daughter has just bought an RV and is planning lots of trips around Europe. The day I’ve just described was a real highlight


  5. This was great way travel across America by train. I went across Canada as teen by train but it was a fun trip.

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    • We’ve often thought of doing a railway trip in India where the trains used are extremely luxurious and there aren’t long bus rides in between to see the sights. It’s more like a cruise where the train in your hotel.

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