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We have actually booked a short break holiday for ourselves next week starting Monday, our first real “getaway” since Autumn 2019! We are visiting Winchester (U.K.) and the surrounding area, Alfred the Great’s capital in Saxon times previously called Witanceaster. (Now, for all of my younger followers who no longer learn the history of this fine island of ours you’ll have to check your Wikipedia pages to discover what I’m talking about.)

Anyway it’s spurred me on to take a peek at the photos from some of our travels since we filly retired about 14 years ago, First thoughts are of a wonderful trip we had to China in 2013 involving a few days in Shanghai, then a few more in Beijing, and finally 3 days in Xian. For those of you unfamiliar with Xian, it’s the place to visit if you want to see the army of terracotta warriors. Look it up if you want to know the history, in the meantime, enjoy some of our photos of this stunning exhibition.

A stunning realisation of what has been unearthed, almost the size of an airfield runway, the black speck’s around the edges are people!
Close up from ground level, these are LIFE-SIZED figures, every one of them with different features and weapons.
Inside the museum, a single warrior, life sized.
Unbelievable, four horses, a chariot and warrior unearthed intact!

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  1. We loved our time there. The Terracotta Soldiers were so fascinating . We bought some as souvenir.
    Travelling is my of life and I am happy I am following your site. Thanks

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  2. Fabulous photos! My hubby has seen these but sadly I have not.

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  3. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. I would also love to see the Terracotta Warriors. Have a wonderful trip to Winchester…

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  5. I would so love to visit the Terracotta Warriors. Your pictures are wonderful. Enjoy your break. I like Winchester and have been to visit twice. A very interesting city with a lot of history.

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