Autumn continues

The leaves are still falling and creating a carpet of gold in woods, fields and streets all over the Cotswolds. It won’t last; decay will claim them, first turning them brown then into a messy sludge acting as a compost for next Spring’s growth. But this late in Autumn something else stirs at ground level ……. fungus …….. growing in leaf mould, dead fallen tree branches or grassy banks and knolls. This is their time, a perfect environment of warmth and humidity.

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  1. great photos. your mention of the Cotswolds bring back good memories of when we took a tour through there a few years ago. a beautiful part of England…

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  2. What lovely funghi you have in your local forest. I never see anything remotely exotic like these, in the bit of woodland I sometimes walk in.

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  3. More gorgeous photos which look like works of art

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  4. Dear Dr B,

    Those are very eye-catching photos of mushrooms indeed! I hereby salute and embrace you in your appreciation of the autumn forest in all its splendour and glory as exemplified by “a carpet of gold in woods, fields and streets all over the Cotswolds”.

    Therefore, I would like to resonate with your post with SoundEagle flying in Birch Forest Landscape with Mushrooms:

    Happy mid-November to you and your family!

    Yours sincerely,

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