Galileo and the Twitter storm!

Galileo was dozing in his study. He had spent the night gazing at the stars through his telescope before sitting in his favourite armchair with a glass of Sack to soothe his troubled thoughts. He just KNEW that Copernicus was right, the Earth DID revolve around the Sun, he had proven it through observation and mathematically. But his worry now was that powerful forces would line up against him, denounce him, subject him to the Inquisition and possibly burn him alive as a heretic. He had made the big mistake of publishing his thoughts in a manuscript that was being widely circulated.

He had fallen asleep just before dawn with all of these thoughts swirling around in his mind but was now startled awake as his daughter, Virginia, burst into the room. This was most unlike her, usually more serene, she was now known as Maria Celeste having taken holy orders many years earlier.

“Dad, wake up, you’re being cancelled, you have to do something” she said.

“What do you mean, have my lectures at the university been cancelled for today, has that idiot Benedetto set fire to the laboratory …. again?”

No dad, it’s YOU, you’re being cancelled”!

You’re going to have to explain that daughter, have you lost your senses, I can’t be cancelled, I exist, I’m here, everyone knows me, I’m a celebrity”.

That’s the trouble dad, it’s because you’re famous that there are others who are out to get you” “There’s a lot of activity on Chirper this morning, your manuscript has gone viral and it’s being chirped by all of Urban’s followers, they’re denouncing you as a heretic”.

Chirper, viral, what the heck is that” said Galileo.

It’s social media dad, messages are sent to and fro between your followers, and as you know Pope Urban has got a lot of followers” “He’s also got the most pigeons so he can send his chirps via the World Wide Wings absolutely everywhere”.

So Urban The Turd is stirring up the sh1t on me because I have scientifically proven that the earth revolves around the sun. He can’t deny it’s true, I’ve published the evidence”.

Dad, Urban isn’t interested in the truth, it’s not HIS truth, and he has global business interests in monasteries, cathedrals, vineyards, and all of the tithes they produce. You have threatened his power over all of these things, his financial interests will collapse”.

What can I do daughter, I’m an old man with no pigeons, I can’t compete”

“Right dad, here’s what you must do; first you must apologise, you must apologise for the offence you have caused to Urban personally. Then you must apologise to all of his followers for the distress you may have caused them. Then you must promise never to mention your hypothesis again AND you must burn your manuscript and all copies publicly. You will probably lose your job at the university too dad unless we can find a good Advocate who specialises in free speech, but I suspect one of those won’t be known or available for 500 years or so!”

{Galileo was quickly summoned before an Inquisition and subsequently confined under house arrest for the rest of his life}

{This of course is a parody, the historical essence is true, but the process description is a satirical jibe at present day events. Scientists, politicians, and ordinary folk are being persecuted by a “mob” on a range of social media, a mob that makes a lot of noise but who, like most empty vessels, are a minority. Holding a “different view” from the mob on the environment, climate change, transgender, race, politics, education, …….. the best breakfast cereal, the meaning of life (sorry, gone too far!) puts you in the crosshairs of the mob. Thankfully here in the U.K. we have the Free Speech Union, an organisation who are now winning case after case for people who have lost their jobs, unfairly or illegally. I encourage you to sign up for their newsletter, you will be astounded at the cases they are overturning.

Never before in the history of mankind have so many people been persecuted by so few because they used the wrong pronoun!}

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  1. I love how you point out here that this crap has been going on for centuries. Cancel culture is the new blacklisting is the new labeling people as witches, etc.

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  2. Clever and amusing! Your point is spot on. I don’t use social media much because of the ‘mob’ mentality. We’re getting to a stage where we avoid expressing a view until we are sure it will be accepted by the majority.

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  3. My NHS podiatrist wrote me a letter. She is called Hannah, so that is a clue as to her gender. Nevertheless, I was informed in writing that her preferred pronouns are she
    and her. No doubt if I had replied that mine are we and ours- delusions of grandeur!!- no one would have found that amusing, or iconic. Indeed, might I have been prosecuted for flippancy?

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    • You’re lucky you have a podiatrist, I can’t get one either NHS or private! No you wouldn’t have been persecuted, but ……. if someone had laughed at your flippancy THEY would have been outed on Twitter or investigated for a hate crime. Seriously!


  4. ………….. and how sad it all is. It’s now extending into the field of acting, where it is considered that able-bodied actors should step aside to allow disabled actors to play a part without thought of acting ability or how that able-bodied actor could possibly bring more to the part. Acting is about an actor creating a character from imagination to enable us to transcend what we know and enter into the imaginary world brought to us by the performance. A few years ago when the Brits were storming Broadway I seem to remember the cry going up that only American actors should be allowed to play American roles. Perhaps then, we should start being more careful here in the British Isles and make sure that Scots don’t play Irish (as they often do and vice versa) and Welsh don’t play English but I for one, would be very unhappy to lose Martin Sheen, Jonathan Pryce, Ruth Jones, Joanna Page, David Tennant, Laura Fraser, Lindsay Duncan, Martin Compson, Brian Cox, and many others to a narrow field of national dramas.

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    • Yes it’s another aspect of the mob, they’ve labelled it as “cultural appropriation” so …. Thou shalt not culturally appropriate …. It’s a form of repression and there are better minds than mine who wrote 10+ years ago about it and forecast with some confidence that it was the fuel that would fire a backlash of extreme violence.


    • We have the same thing going on here in the U.S. Only transgenders should play transgenders and only LGBTQ+ people should play those roles and on and on and on. It’s out of control and has completely destroyed any creative credibility Hollywood might have had at one time.

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  5. Amen! Canada is a hotbed of “woke-ism” and it’s getting beyond ridiculous. Yes, let people spout their ideas, however crazy and off the wall they might be. If you don’t agree, then debate, don’t denounce. (But don’t get me going on this!)

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    • I have seen so many parallels with modern times completely mirroring events in medieval times or pre Enlightenment. The Galileo affair has been repeated so many times recently. I have another in which I put Isaac Newton in a Facebook attack, and Michael Faraday being the subject of fake news propaganda not once but ELEVEN times!

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  6. interesting perspective…

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