WineArt #8 Magnificent Meursault

Meursault is one of France’s most iconic wine villages. It gives its name to all of the wines made within the appellation just like Chablis which is also the name of the village and its wines. Both villages grow Chardonnay though they taste completely different. Chablis is steely and mineraly whereas a Meursault is buttery and creamy, one uses oak and malolactic fermentation, the other doesn’t!

Meursault was the first wine village we ever visited 34 years ago and have returned regularly ever since. It is a special place to us as a family, compact, friendly and cultured, surrounded by vines and full of buildings with thick stone walls, some of which are small hotels, wine bars, restaurants and a shop or two. Seriously understated and yet confident in its historic position amongst the greatest wines of France.

The vines of Meursault
The Mairie, Meursault
The wines of Meursault

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  1. that sounds like an idyllic place to visit; love the photos…

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  2. Looks like a delightful place. Love the family pictures.

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  3. Looks a lovely spot

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